neo studios

Digital Agency | UX Consultancy

Neo Studios are a creative fusion of business perspective and technical agility. Since 1996 we've been helping large and small clients tell their own unforgettable story.


Video / Motion Graphics

Vivid video and smooth animation blend into an immersive experience. Animation is resonates emotionally. It can make the complex seem simple. It can make the abstract clear and personally identifiable. When done right motion graphics distinguish your message from noise.

Social Gamification

Branded social games that engage with fun and play. Reward visitors for sharing socially and making it fun to help share your story.

Search / Video Advertising

Organic and paid ads that resonate with influencers. We speak fluent millennial. We use “cool groovy cats pajamas and dude” with wild abandon. Your ads will provoke and we’ve the data to prove it.

Landing Page Optimization

Fast and lightweight wins the game, its that simple

Browser Extensions

Present your products in real-time while users are browsing your competitors. Pinterest, Amazon and Walmart have been using extensions with great success. You can too.

Digital Signage

Custom kiosk signage where you need it most.