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Neofive Customer Loyalty Portal

Effective eCRM

Neofive is an easy to use Customer Relationship Management solution. Neofive is designed to keep contact information simple and effective for non-technical users.

Neofive gives you the tools you need to develop an informed relationship with your customers, aggressively follow-up on leads, and maintain the post-sale momentum.

What is Neofive?

Neofive goes beyond presenting data it turns information into actionable knowledge.

 Event Integrated Promotion Digital Signage Design  Neofive is Practical

In the real world a person may have an unlimited number of email address and phone numbers. Neofive allows you to store any number of phone numbers,and organize them anyway you like.

 Adobe Flex Social Networking Components  Neofive is User Defined

It is a customized platform from which focused marketing initiatives are launched.

 Custom Social Networking Facebook Second Life Design  Neofive is Agile

A person may be related to any other person in any number of infinite user defined hierarchies.

 Customer Relationship Management Solution Provider  Neofive is Workflow

Any and all activity can be audited. It is this powerful accountability model that allows loosely bound human groups to function as one.

 Custom Social Networking Facebook Second Life Design  Neofive is Everywhere

Google GMail / Calendar Integration : Receive customer alerts on your Smartphone, or virtually anywhere that you can access the Internet. Sync, Schedule and Collaborate on the Google Cloud.

 Custom Social Networking Facebook Second Life Design  Neofive Connects

Seamlessly and intelligently share contacts with remote GMail, Outlook and Salesforce users. Or any device that supports the vCard format.

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